5 Tips for Easy Summer HVAC Maintenance

5 Tips for Easy Summer HVAC Maintenance

June 6, 2017

Your HVAC system works hard all summer to keep your home nice and cool. It could use a helping hand from time to time to function at peak efficiency and to help prevent system malfunctions. While many tasks should be reserved for your HVAC technician, there are plenty of easy summer HVAC maintenance chores you can do that make a big difference.

Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

Outdoor HVAC Unit

The outdoor portion of your HVAC system contains the compressor, condenser, fan and electrical parts. Like your indoor air handler and vents, the outdoor unit needs free airflow. Keep the landscaping around the air conditioner clear of obstructions that restrict airflow.

Evaporator and Drain

On top of or beside your gas furnace sits the evaporator coil. The evaporator is a metal tubing device that circulates very cold refrigerant to extract heat energy from indoor air. The more contact the evaporator has with return airflow, the more efficient it cools your home.

  • Spray the evaporator with a self-rinse foaming coil cleaner.
  • Wait 30 minutes for the cleaner to drip into the condensate pan.
  • Pour a quart of 50/50 bleach and water solution into the pan to wash away the coil cleaner and, more importantly, to wash out and disinfect the pan and drain tube of mold and other micro-organisms.

Air Filter

If you don't use at least a mid-efficiency air filter, do yourself a favor and pick up a box of high-quality filters at your home store. Change the air filter on your HVAC system promptly according to the filter manufacturer suggestion. A dirty filter increases energy usage and puts extra stress on HVAC parts.

Vents and Doors

Clean the air vents and grilles in your home. Make sure they are fully open. If you have rooms that aren't occupied, don't close off the vents nor keep the door closed. This disrupts airflow through your home. Your HVAC system will work more efficiently with all vents and interior doors wide open.

HVAC Service from the Experts

To schedule professional HVAC maintenance or for more DIY tips for your Des Moines home this summer, please contact Lozier Heating & Cooling today.