I want a top-of-the-line furnace, the quietest and most efficient, with all the bells and whistles I want an efficient furnace, but am not concerned about maintaining exact temperature I need an efficient and quiet furnace that keeps my home heated more evenly than my current unit I want affordability and consistent temps but am not concerned by noise levels I want a furnace that is more efficient than my old unit I need the basic, model that's a higher quality than the furnace I'm replacing
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Lozier Home Heating & Cooling Systems

Turn to the Des Moines heating and cooling experts at Lozier if you’re looking to buy a new heating and cooling system for your home. Your family will enjoy the quiet efficiency of our quality Lennox® and YORK® products. We assist buyers in comparing the options between our different product lines before deciding on the perfect system.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

Our collection of furnaces are some of the most efficient and quietest heating systems with the perfect warmth and savings options. Lozier’s skilled technicians are committed to helping you choose the best furnace when it’s time for a new unit. We offer a selection of both Lennox® and YORK® furnaces to provide a range of high-quality home heating options to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

Air Conditioners For Home Comfort

The precision of a Lennox® or YORK® air conditioner keeps your home consistently comfortable with some of the quietest and most energy-efficient units available. Our certified technicians are qualified to find the ultimate cooling system for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature in any weather. Check out our top of the line air conditioners for optimal cooling comfort.

Programmable Thermostats & Comfort Controls

Explore programmable or WiFi-compatible thermostats and advanced zoning systems from Lennox® and YORK®. Our comfort controls let you decide the exact temperature of your home or individual rooms and maximize energy efficiency. If you recently purchased a new thermostat, our team will even assist with connecting your thermostat to your heating and cooling system.

Whole Home Humidity & Air Purification Systems

As a leader in home air quality, we offer air purifiers that can remove the smallest particles, including bacteria spores, viruses and cigarette smoke, to keep your home environment as clean as possible. Our air purifiers can easily be installed alongside your existing unit, allowing you to combat allergens, germs and humidity imbalances in your home.

Heat Pump Systems

An innovative alternative to your traditional air conditioner and furnace, heat pumps and air handlers provide an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. They reach precise temperatures and are highly efficient in every season to keep you comfortable year-round. Browse the best options for your home in our collection of Lennox® and YORK® heat pumps.

Air Handling Units

When paired with a heat pump, air handlers are among the quietest and most efficient systems you can buy. Lozier product experts will assist you in deciding what's the best fit for your home. For top-of-the-line air handlers that offer quiet energy-efficiency, browse our selection of Lennox® and YORK® air handler systems.

Solar Ready Systems

Reduce your heating and cooling costs tremendously with a Solar Ready air conditioner or heat pump. Not only is it beneficial to the environment, but when you invest in these extremely efficient systems you'll save up to half the cost of your typical energy bill. View our solar-compatible options to decide if this is a smart choice for your home.

Garage Heating Systems

Make your garage or workspace more comfortable in frigid Iowa winters with a garage heater. These units provide homeowners with the perfect option to keep your car running smoothly in freezing temperatures or work on project year-round without compromising comfort. Browse our selection of Lennox® garage heaters to find the system that fits your garage heating needs.

Additional Heating & Cooling Options

Make your garage or workspace more comfortable with a garage heater or mini-split system. These units provide homeowners with the perfect option if there's a space in your house that's always hotter or colder than the rest of the house, line an add-on that's not connected to the main heating and cooling system.