Solar Panels, Thermostats and More Heating & Cooling Services in Des Moines

Iowa weather can take a toll on your home and family. Prioritizing the comfort and efficiency of your HVAC system can go a long way toward keeping everyone happy and healthy. When most people think about their home comfort system, they think of their furnace and air conditioner, but there’s much more to it than that. That’s why Lozier offers a full suite of additional service installs, repairs and replacements to help where the more common solutions can’t. To ensure your system is operating at its best, contact a certified Lozier technician to see if one of the solutions highlighted on this page might be right for you.

Des Moines Thermostat Services

The battle of the thermostat is a common one amongst Iowans. Thankfully, Lozier’s lineup of premium programmable thermostats can help ensure that everyone in your home is comfortable when it needs to be, and saving money when it doesn’t. Lozier’s team of certified technicians understand that every home and HVAC system has different needs, which is why they do an initial inspection of your current appliances, ductwork and home layout to ensure they are recommending the right thermostat for you.

Thermostat Installation

We know your home is your safe space, which is why we are committed to providing you with the most energy-efficient and smart comfort control thermostats in your home. Our programmable thermostats make it easy for you to control each room’s desired temperature and maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Our certified experts will help you find and install the right thermostat for you and your home’s needs. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (515) 267-1000 or submitting a request online to learn more about how Lozier can help you achieve maximum comfort.

Thermostat Repair

Because your thermostat is linked to your home’s central heating and cooling system, there’s potential for temperature issues if your thermostat isn’t pulling its weight. If your HVAC system doesn’t receive the appropriate signals from your thermostat, your home might be exposed to undesirable temperatures—and even more undesirable energy bills. Many thermostats will alert you if something isn’t working right, and Lozier is readily available at (515) 267-1000 for 24/7 emergency repairs when you need help.

Thermostat Replacement

Lozier has state-of-the-art systems available for thermostat replacement when your current model stops working or produces high energy bills. Our certified technicians will work within your budget and personal needs to find an upgraded thermostat with all the automation and easy access you need for improved comfort control and maximized energy-efficiency in your home. Finding the right solution now could lead to long-term savings as you eliminate inefficiencies. Contact Lozier at (515) 267-1000 or by submitting a request online if you deem a thermostat replacement is best for your residential needs.

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Des Moines Zoning System Services

Every home’s heating and cooling needs are a little different. With a traditional HVAC system, on a single thermostat, every room is treated the same in terms of its comfort control needs which can be costly and inefficient. If you have rooms in your house that need more or less attention from your furnace and air conditioner, you should consider a zoning system. It allows you to ensure the rooms you are in regularly stay warm in the summer and cool in the winter, while other rooms needing less regulated temperatures don’t use up unnecessary energy and resources.

Zoning System Installation

Whether you’re looking into a zoning system for your newly built home, or to update your existing HVAC system, Lozier’s certified professionals will help determine how many zones make sense for your home to be cost-effective with your heating and cooling usage. We install thermostats programmed to control their respective zones and add dampers to ductwork to regulate the corresponding heating or cooling as desired. Reduce waste and take charge of your home’s heating and cooling with zoning systems designed to meet all of your usage needs.

Zoning System Repair

Zoning systems integrate smoothly with your existing HVAC system, but as with any heating and cooling equipment, issues may arise occasionally. Zoning systems involve several critical components, including individual thermostats, dampers and a central control panel, so the last thing you need is a problematic part hindering performance in your home. Lozier prioritizes quick solutions for your home, so submit a service request online when your home’s zoning system needs a quick fix.

Zoning System Replacement

Because zoning systems help you strategically use energy in needed areas while minimizing usage in unused areas of your home, they help extend the lifetime of your HVAC system. With that being said, a poorly functioning zoning system can have a negative impact on your HVAC equipment, so it might be in your best interest to upgrade to a more modern zoning solution if issues with your current solution outnumber the benefits. We will work with you to ensure an upgraded zoning system is most efficiently serving your home while preventing wear and tear to your HVAC.

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Des Moines Humidifier Services

Iowa’s harsh, dry winters can do a number on your HVAC system and the comfort of your home. It can also cause your furnace to kick up dormant allergens and dust particles that have been sitting in the appliance through the warm days of spring, summer and fall. When this happens, turning on your heating system may mean a new wave of seasonal allergies in your household. You need a whole-home humidifier system to improve your air quality and reduce irritating dust and allergens. This will not only reduce unwanted particles in the air but increase the comfort of your home. Talk to a Lozier certified tech today to see if a new home humidifier installation or replacement would benefit you and your family, along with ongoing humidifier repairs.

Humidifier Installation

Lozier’s vast experience installing various air quality solutions allows them to find a humidifier that is compatible with your home’s HVAC system and complementary to its heating and cooling efforts. This ensures your HVAC system is being used more efficiently, with desired temperatures easily achieved through appropriate humidity levels. Humidifier installation is a cost-effective way to protect your family from Iowa’s humidity extremes with balanced air quality, your family can enjoy year-round.

Humidifier Repair

Because humidifiers greatly impact indoor environments and overall HVAC performance, a humidifier gone haywire can do the opposite and detract from air quality and energy efficiency. Annual maintenance and cleaning of the machine can go a long way in boosting its overall lifespan. We are happy to service your humidifier for an annual check-up or perform humidifier repairs if needed—call (515) 267-1000 for 24/7 repairs or text (515) 393-4262 during our regular business hours.

Humidifier Replacement

A well-maintained humidifier can play a big role in your home’s overall climate control. If your humidifier has seen better days and repair costs are adding up, upgrading to a new model can make all the difference. Lozier knows the significance of a high-quality humidifier and works with your personal needs to find the best humidifier replacement to increase total comfort in your home.

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Des Moines Air Purifier Services

Stuffy, particle-laden air is not only unpleasant to breathe but can also have a negative impact on your health and comfort. While traditional air filters are helpful, they don’t catch everything, especially microscopic dust and allergen particles. If you’re looking for crisper, fresher air throughout your home, you need a home air purification system from Lozier. One of our certified technicians will inspect your home to ensure they recommend an air purification solution that addresses your unique air impurities and square footage. Talk to a Lozier representative today to see if an air purifier install or replacement will help give your house the air quality it deserves, along with the option for repair services and/or maintenance to ensure it’s always at its best.

Air Purifier Installation

For air purifier installation, Lozier certified technicians would set up a consultation with you to decide the best air purifier unit that’s fully equipped to cover the square footage of your space while taking into account you and your family’s needs and integrate the unit seamlessly with your HVAC system. Complete with hospital-grade filtration; we have top-of-the-line units available to ensure your family is safe, happy and healthy at home.

Air Purifier Repair

As with your HVAC system, we recommend scheduling annual maintenance on your air purifier to keep the filter clean and all functions performing properly. Quality air is important to keep your home a healthy environment for years to come, so a defective unit can quickly become a hindrance. Set up a routine service appointment online or call (515) 267-1000 to request 24/7 air purifier repair assistance.

Air Purifier Replacement

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to seek better air quality solutions to protect their families and loved ones. If your air purifier is outdated or failing to produce clean air in your home, call Lozier to find out what the best air purifier replacement would be to ensure clean air in your home for years to come.

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Des Moines Solar Powered A/C & Furnace Services

Warm summers, long periods of sunshine and lack of sunlight obstructions make Iowa homes a great candidate for solar power. Not only is this a solution that is great for the environment and Iowa’s power grid, but also for your budget. That said, not all HVAC systems are compatible with some or all solar power installations.Lozier’s team of technicians are well-versed in which systems are compatible, allowing us to not only recommend a working solution for your new, cost-saving solar panels but one that will also improve the efficient heating and cooling of your home. Give Lozier a call to get a free estimate for installing, replacing or repairing a solar-ready HVAC system.

Solar Powered A/C & Furnace Installation

Solar-ready air conditioners or heat pump systems can help reduce your heating and cooling costs tremendously. It’s not just beneficial to the environment, but it helps you save on your energy bills. Our solar ready technology uses solar modules to capture energy from the sun and use it to power your furnace or air conditioning system. Our certified technicians will install your new solar ready system and help you start saving on your energy bills!

Solar Powered A/C & Furnace Repair

Our certified technicians are always ready to help take care of your solar ready system if it stops performing at max capacity. Lozier is available 24/7 and will get it back up and running in no time. Set up a service appointment online or call (515) 267-1000 to request solar repair assistance from Lozier.

Solar Powered A/C & Furnace Replacement

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many homes began seeking better air quality solutions to protect their families. If your air purifier is outdated or failing to address your safety standards, allow Lozier to find an air purifier replacement that will keep up with the highest standards you have to protect your family and loved ones.

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From traditional HVAC systems to thermostats, humidifiers and more comfort controls, Lozier delivers timely, trusted installation, repairs and replacement to improve home comfort and efficiency. To connect with a highly trained, certified heating and cooling technician, call (515) 267-1000, text (515) 393-4262 or request an appointment below.


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