Des Moines Residential A/C & Mini-Split Install, Repair & Replacement

Cooling is a hot commodity during notoriously stuffy Iowa summers, but it’s easy to take your trusty A/C or mini-split for granted. The only way to ensure you’re not left sweltering on a sunny day is to use the most modern, reliable units and maintain your cooling system through routine tune-ups and repairs as needed in the meantime. After all, if you’re feeling the heat, your cooling system certainly is, too—that’s why Lozier is the lifeline you need for instant relief. Learn more about Lozier’s cooling capabilities, including our acclaimed energy efficient units and certified technicians who take fast action to get the job done with the best fit for your circumstances.

Lozier’s Residential Air Conditioner Services

Lozier’s team of air conditioner experts are trained to work with A/C units at every life stage. From initial installment to critical tune-ups and repairs and finally replacement, our abilities are all-encompassing as you seek shelter from the heat this summer. Our main goal is to help you get the most out of your unit through routine maintenance and inspections, but if it’s no longer serving you, we are happy to step in with a wide selection of quality models. After a sun-baked day, it’s only right you’re able to bask in the cool breeze of your home!

des moines air conditioner installationAir Conditioner Installation 

Save 20 percent on cooling costs by switching to an ENERGY STAR® rated Lennox® or YORK® system from Lozier, guaranteed to maximize comfort, energy efficiency and cost savings. Our certified technicians are experts in the installation of energy efficient A/C units and provide exemplary service to our customers across the Des Moines Metro.

des moines air conditioner maintenanceAir Conditioner Inspection & Tune-Up 

Add a decade to your air conditioner’s lifespan through Lozier’s timely air conditioner tune-ups designed to strengthen your A/C for many summers to come. We fully inspect your air conditioner and perform any needed maintenance to improve functionality. Proactively identifying and fixing faults in your system early on allows your A/C to perform at 100% even as temperatures soar.

des moines air conditioner repairAir Conditioner Repair 

Take advantage of Lozier’s 24/7 local A/C repair services and emergency response when your unit unexpectedly quits running on a particularly heated day. Our fast response time combined with our comprehensive repair capabilities means you’ll never be left without cold air for long. We’ve seen it all, so no issue is too complex for our team to take on.

des moines air conditioner replacementAir Conditioner Replacement 

Rely on Lozier to service your air conditioner unit for as long as it lasts, but be aware you can always turn to us when your A/C is beyond repair. If repair costs and energy bills are adding up, an A/C replacement can save you money in the long run, especially when you choose a modern upgrade from our convenient Lennox® and YORK® models that provide custom features to control cooling per your preferences. We are readily equipped to find the right fit for your home!

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Lozier’s Residential Mini-Split Services

Ductless mini-splits are the go-to for garages, sunrooms, add-on bedrooms and more as they have proven to be a cost-effective, energy efficient cooling solution for spaces without existing ductwork. While they serve smaller spaces than a traditional A/C unit, they have their own central system, so you have complete control over the temperature in your cozy sun nook or garage workshop. Most mini-splits act as a heater, as well, so they’re a smart investment to deal with the woes of winter and sticky summers alike. We provide mini-split installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement to keep up with the highs and lows of Iowa’s changing seasons.

des moines mini-split installationMini-Split Installation 

Reduce your energy usage by up to 40% with a Mitsubishi ENERGY STAR® rated mini-split. Suitable for cooling single rooms with little space required for installation, a ductless mini-split often leads to long-term savings and superior control for your home comfort. Installed by our highly trained, experienced technicians, mini-splits are a sensible solution to keep cool without spending too much money.

des moines mini-split maintenanceMini-Split Maintenance & Tune-Up 

Cover your bases for year-round heating and cooling with convenient mini-split inspections and tune-ups to catch issues before they escalate and shut down your system. Mini-splits perform both heating and cooling, so staying on top of routine maintenance with Lozier’s certified technicians is essential to keep this vital, versatile system running around the clock.

des moines mini-split repairMini-Split Repair 

Restore your much-needed mini-split in no time with Lozier’s 24/7 emergency repair response. Since mini-splits provide both heating and cooling, they’re susceptible to wear and tear all year long, so malfunctions can occur from time to time. Rest easy knowing Lozier is one call away to bring back full airflow on a brutal summer day.

des moines mini-split replacementMini-Split Replacement 

Upgrade to the latest, long-lasting Mitsubishi mini-split model from Lozier for wireless remote control capabilities and guaranteed efficiency even as seasons change. Take control of your home’s cooling with personalized airflow preferences and scheduled temperature changes on a weekly timer. Feel secure with your new system through our five-year limited warranty protecting all covered components.

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