Des Moines Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

Iowa is rightfully known for having unpredictable and drastic weather, so adjusting your commercial space’s temperature is important to provide comfort for everyone working in your commercial environment. At Lozier, we have experience working in many different commercial spaces. When you schedule a commercial HVAC service, you can expect our fully trained techs to provide top-notch customer service and have a quick response time for Des Moines’ commercial HVAC service needs. Whether it’s 100 degrees or negative 20, our licensed techs are dedicated to ensuring your commercial environment is safe and comfortable for everyone to work in. Check out a few commercial settings we have worked in.

Central Iowa Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Lozier has been dedicated to bringing comfort to central Iowa commercial businesses for over a century with our commercial air conditioning services. We work to ensure your commercial space is comfortable during any weather Iowa throws. Our licensed techs will work to provide a system that will help you save on your energy bill. We can provide regular maintenance on your system which, like taking care of your car, can prolong your system’s lifespan. It is crucial to keep your cooling system working so you can count on it when Iowa temperatures soar. Lozier’s quality techs will ensure your system has everything it needs to work at maximum capacity and keep your commercial space comfortable during hot and humid weather.

At Lozier, we offer various services to meet your needs and wants for a comfortable commercial environment. From repairs, installation, and replacements to seasonal tune-ups, we have what you need to ensure total comfort for your space. Our licensed techs are on-call 24/7 for emergencies, so you can trust that your system will get back to working shortly. Our seasonal tune-ups ensure your system is healthy and can work during extreme temperatures. If you think your unit is on its last leg, our techs can install a new system and get your space back to comfortable.

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Commercial Heating Services In Des Moines

Iowa winters are infamous for being extremely cold and long couple of months. Our commercial heating services provide relief because we’ll diagnose and repair your unit to ensure it works at maximum capacity, no matter how low the temperature drops. Heating emergencies can be a thing of the past because our regular maintenance will keep the unit working to full capacity and prolong your unit’s life. Trust Lozier to give you the best heating service in central Iowa because our licensed techs promise to put businesses first. Our top priority is keeping your employees safe, warm and comfortable, and our commercial heating service provides just that.

Lozier’s commercial heating services include repairs, seasonal maintenance, replacement of existing equipment and installation of new units. Our experienced techs arrive promptly to provide quality service by exceeding your needs. We will work to understand the problem and ensure your heating system is taken care of so you won’t have to worry about a heating emergency. The number one priority is ensuring the comfort and safety of commercial businesses so employees can do their job in a safe environment. Explore more about our commercial heating services and how we can help you.

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Central Iowa Additional Commercial Heating & Cooling Services

Since 1906, we’ve been helping make local Iowa commercial businesses more comfortable, no matter the weather. Along with our heating and cooling services, we offer various additional services to our commercial clients. Some services we offer but are not limited to include air filtration, zoning control, radiant heating flooring and exhaust air systems. Keeping employees comfortable improves company morale and increases productivity, so we’re all about offering additional services to ensure the total comfort of your commercial space and employees. These additional services are fully customizable depending on your needs, wants and commercial space. Our licensed Lozier techs will meet with you to learn your needs and provide available solutions to meet your needs and desires.

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Optimize Your Building’s Comfort With Lozier’s Commercial HVAC Services

When it comes to providing comfort for central Iowa commercial businesses, Lozier delivers timely and trusted installation, repairs and replacement commercial HVAC services to improve your space’s comfort. To connect with a highly trained, licensed heating and cooling technician for a quote or to speak about your needs, call (515) 267-1000, text (515) 393-4262 or request an appointment below.

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