A Quick Look at the History of the Iowa Cubs

A Quick Look at the History of the Iowa Cubs

May 23, 2017

Ahh, it’s that time of year. What are we are talking about? Baseball season! It’s long been known that Spring and Summer months are dedicated to soaking up the sun at the ball field, cheering on the home team. The Iowa Cubs help keep the tradition of baseball alive in our beloved city. But have you ever taken the time to learn about the history of the Iowa Cubs? The Triple-A team for the Chicago Cubs, the Iowa Cubs, has a long and interesting history.

Let’s take a look at how the Iowa Cubs came to be Des Moines’ beloved baseball team!

The History of the Iowa Cubs Team Names

Believe it or not, the Iowa Cubs have had many names over their long history. These team names include:

  • The Hawkeyes. The story of the Iowa Cubs goes all the way back to 1887 when they were in the Western League. At the time, the baseball team was known as the Hawkeyes until a year later, when they renamed themselves the Prohibitionists.
  • The Prohibitionists. In 1890, the Prohibitionists moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, and Des Moines lost their team until they returned in 1894.
  • The Colts
  • The Champions. In 1905 and 1906, the Des Moines team won the Western League, inspiring them to change their name to the Champions in 1906. Des Moines remained in the Western League through 1937 before facing a ten-year hiatus during which our city had no baseball team.
  • The Iowa Oaks. After ten years, baseball triumphantly (and briefly) returned to Des Moines. Unfortunately, that only lasted until 1962 before Des Moines experienced another seven years without baseball. In 1969, the Iowa Oaks made their debut. In 1981 the Iowa Oaks became affiliated with the Chicago cubs and soon after, Des Moines had its very own cubbies to root for.

Fun Facts About the Iowa Cubs and Principal Park

The Iowa Cubs have always played in Principal Park but you’ll hear some Des Moines natives refer to the stadium as “Sec Taylor,“ its name before 2004. Sec Taylor Stadium was built in 1959, so all the games prior to its construction were played in Pioneer Memorial Stadium circa 1947.

Who is Sec Taylor? A Des Moines Register sports editor!

How many people has Principal Park hosted? In the 2014 season, the stadium welcomed their 15 millionth visitor!

A player on the 1906 champion roster, Eddie Cicotte, was convicted later in life of throwing the 1919 World Series.

In 1970, pitcher Vida Blue led the American Association with 165 strikeouts. In fact, 16 of his strikeouts were in one game and his record still stands!

The Iowa Cubs Today

As many Des Moines residents know, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016 after a painstaking 108-year dry spell. Among the 25 men who were on the World Series roster, 16 had played for the Iowa Cubs.

If you take a peek at The Chicago Cub’s 40-Man roster, some of their top players have been playing in Des Moines with the Iowa Cubs. To find out if your favorite Cubs players are in Des Moines, you can take a look at the Transaction information on the Cub’s website.

Learn the Tenured History of Lozier Heating and Cooling

Just like the Iowa Cubs, Lozier Heating and Cooling has been a long-standing staple in the Des Moines Community. In fact, we were founded the same year (1906) the Des Moines team named themselves the Champions after their 1905 league victory.

With over 100 years in the Des Moines community, Lozier Heating and Cooling has grown from our roots as a tin company to a premier heating and cooling contractor. We strive to give back to local organizations and be members of community groups. We have sponsored the Iowa Cubs for the past three years at Principal Park! Learn more about Lozier.

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