Add Ceiling Fans to Your Home Cooling Solution and Save

June 4, 2015

While you can run ceiling fans in reverse for energy savings during the winter, summer is the most common time to turn on the fan. Learn how to maximize ceiling fans as an efficient home cooling solution this summer.

How to Change the Fan Direction 

If home cooling is your goal, the fan should spin counterclockwise. When spinning in this direction, the angle of the blades pushes air downward for a cool breeze at ground level. If you haven't already done so, reverse your ceiling fans from its clockwise wintertime setting. To do this, locate the spin direction switch, usually located under the motor housing. If the fan is located on a cathedral ceiling, you may have a remote control to operate the fan. Look for a "reverse" button to change the direction.

How Ceiling Fans Help Keep You Cool 

You're familiar with the bitter wind that makes Des Moines winters so chilly. Well, that same air movement helps you cool off when the temperature climbs outside. It's called the wind chill effect. It makes you feel about four degrees cooler without actually changing the temperature in the room. This way, you can turn up the thermostat and still feel perfectly comfortable, all while saving on your cooling bills.

Maximize Ceiling Fan Efficiency

To get the most from a ceiling fan, follow these operation and maintenance tips:

  • Turn off the fan when you leave the room. Since the wind chill effect doesn't actually lower the temperature, running the fan in an empty room is a waste of energy.
  • Tighten screws to prevent a wobbly fan.
  • Dust the blades and apply furniture polish to make them look nicer and reduce wind resistance.
  • Check the manufacturer's guide to see if your fan requires lubrication. If so, find the small oil hole above the motor and add four to six drops of light machine oil as needed.
  • Request a blade balancing kit from the manufacturer to fix wobbly fan blades.
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