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Boost A/C Efficiency This Summer

June 23, 2016

Homeowners who want to boost their air conditioner's efficiency this summer have several options for increasing cooling system performance. The following list some of the more effective ways you can increase air conditioner efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and trim your seasonal cooling bills.
  • Reduce heat gain - Heat gain is the production of excess heat in your home from sunlight, appliances, and lighting. The excess heat makes your air conditioner work harder to keep up with temperature settings, reducing system efficiency. Reduce heat gain by keeping curtains and drapes closed, avoiding operating ovens and clothes dryers during the hottest part of the day, and keeping lamps away from the thermostat.
  • Change air filters - Put new, fresh filters in your air conditioner to ensure proper airflow and system function. Restricted airflow will make the equipment work harder to keep your home's interior cool, causing it to use more energy than necessary.
  • Get preventive maintenance - Seasonal preventive maintenance ensures that necessary adjustments, tune-ups, and minor repairs are made. Maintenance keeps the system working at its highest possible level of efficiency and performance. Regular preventive maintenance will also extend the equipment's useful lifespan.
  • Use ceiling fans - Turn on your ceiling fans and allow the breezes they create to move downward into your home. As these air drafts contact your skin, they will cool you, allowing you to run your air conditioner at a lower level. These drafts also help recirculate cool air from your HVAC system that has settled toward the floor.
  • Seal ductwork - The ducts carry all the cool air your air conditioner produces, so any leaks in the system will allow large amounts of this air to escape. Your A/C will have to work harder to make up the difference, wasting energy and money. Make sure all duct sections are fitted tightly together and that connections are sealed with mastic or metal tape.
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