Consider These Winter Maintenance Items Before Leaving for Vacation

November 14, 2016

When you get a chance to escape the cold Iowa winter on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is what's gone wrong back home. Taking care of any necessary maintenance before you head out can help you relax and enjoy your getaway. To save energy and prevent potential damage while you're gone, be sure to put these vacation maintenance tasks on your to-do list.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Closing the main water valve can avert a non-stop flood if a pipe freezes and bursts. To lower the risk of a rupture, leave your sink cabinet doors open, then close the shutoff valve and drain any water pipes located inside exterior walls or other areas prone to freezing.

Shut Down the Water Heater

If you have an electric model, flip its breaker in your electrical panel. With a gas-fired unit, turn the valve on "pilot."

Have the Heating System Serviced

If it hasn't been done yet, book a preventive maintenance appointment now so you can rest easy that the furnace is working reliably and there's less likelihood that it quits unexpectedly while you're on vacation. If any furnace repairs are needed, be sure to get them completed before your departure date.

Dial Back the Thermostat Temperature

You should set a manual thermostat on 50 degrees. With a programmable model, you can use the built-in vacation mode and enter your expected return date so the house is warm and toasty when you arrive home.

Maintain Ample Air Circulation

On the day you leave, make sure all of your air registers are open and unobstructed by anything that can prevent adequate airflow. During your final check around the house, open all the interior doors as well.

Install a Clean Furnace Filter

Putting in a fresh furnace filter just before you leave can help to ensure good airflow so restricted airflow doesn't make the furnace overheat and trigger the emergency shut down safety feature when there's no one at home to reset it.

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