Convenient Tips to Spend Less Money on Cooling Costs

May 7, 2015

Taking time to reduce cooling costs this summer will not only save your energy dollars, but make your home easier to keep comfortable. Giving your cooling system the attention it needs and making your home more energy efficient don't necessarily require a large time or financial investment. Here are some tips to consider:

Change the Air Filter Routinely

When the system is running frequently, check your air filter monthly. If it's covered with dust, replace it. Running an air conditioner with a dirty filter drives up cooling costs because it slows the airflow going through the system, taking the system longer to cool your home and increasing wear and tear on your system.

Shade the Windows

Pull the drapes or close the blinds to cut the heat gain as the sun moves over south- or west-facing windows.

Use Ceiling Fans in Living Rooms and Bedrooms 

The breeze that a ceiling fan creates cools your skin by evaporating the moisture on your skin. You may be able to turn the thermostat up as many as five degrees and feel just as comfortable.

Have an HVAC Technician Clean and Adjust Your System 

To reduce cooling costs and extend the life of your equipment, make professional routine maintenance a priority. These seasonal tune-ups can prevent small issues from becoming larger, more expensive repairs.

Avoid Heat Generating Activities 

Cook outside or use a slow cooker. Do laundry in the early morning or the evening to keep indoor heat gain to a minimum.

Improve Insulation in the Attic and Walls  

This helps lower the rate of heat gain in the summer. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends 16 to 20 inches in the attic for our climate to stop year-round heat transfer.

Seal Air Leaks

Seal leaks around window frames and add fresh weatherstripping to exterior door frames.

Replace an Aging Air Conditioner

Look for Energy Star-rated systems. The higher efficiency ratings use considerably less electricity and pay for themselves in lower cooling costs.

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