Features You Can Look for in an HVAC System

August 4, 2016

HVAC technology has seen vast improvements over the years. From digital features in smart thermostats to quieter blower motors and ozone-safe refrigerant, it is difficult to keep up with the latest changes. If you want better performance and energy savings in your next HVAC system, look for these high-tech features!

Smart Thermostats

The latest generation of thermostats are very smart. In fact, new smart thermostats can "learn" your comfort habits, detect when a room is empty, and adjust airflow output accordingly. You may also program smart thermostats using intuitive full-color displays to save energy while you're at work and sleeping, and make changes to programs and settings remotely using a smartphone app or online computer. Smart thermostats offer greater control using password protection to lock out unauthorized users. Smart thermostats may also link compatible comfort systems, such as whole-home humidifiers and energy-recovery ventilation systems.

Ozone-Safe Refrigerant

For years, R-22 refrigerant, commonly known by the brand name Freon, was used in residential A/Cs and heat pumps. New HVAC systems now use an ozone-friendly refrigerant, R-410A, which is also more efficient than the old refrigerant.

Variable-Speed Blowers

The blower motor on conventional HVAC systems operate at one fixed speed. While this blower type has worked fine in homes for decades, it isn't the most efficient or comfortable any longer. One of the most important features you can select for your new HVAC system is a variable-speed blower. It will save you energy and provide better comfort during the summer and winter. Variable-speed blowers adjust output speed on the fly in real time - automatically ramping up or down to maintain optimal indoor temperature. Since these types of blower motors operate at speeds less than 100 percent more often than not, you save energy and enjoy quieter comfort. As you determine which digital features, bells and whistles you want for your new HVAC system, remember that the most important decision on your plate is choosing the right HVAC professional to assist you.

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