How to Understand the Different Sections of an EnergyGuide Label

July 9, 2015

EnergyGuide labels are required for many common household appliances, water heaters and HVAC systems. If you've been browsing home appliances, you've probably seen the bright yellow EnergyGuide label prominently displayed. Use this guide to better understand how to use the information on the label and make the best purchase for your needs.

What Is the EnergyGuide Label? The EnergyGuide program is an energy efficiency awareness program and consumer protection initiative overseen by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The intended purpose of the program was to hold manufacturers accountable for their products and efficiency statements and help consumers easily compare the operating costs of HVAC equipment and home appliances.

Reading EnergyGuide LabelsWhat can homeowners find on that yellow and black label?

  • Features: The product's features are printed on the upper left corner.
  • Manufacturer information: The manufacturer, model number and product size are listed in the adjacent upper right corner.
  • Energy cost: A line graph in the middle of the label shows the estimated annual cost of energy based on national averages.
  • Annual energy usage: Just below the line graph is the estimated annual energy usage.
  • Energy Star logo: If a product is Energy Star certified, you'll see the familiar blue logo in the bottom right corner.

Shopping With EnergyGuide The EnergyGuide label is a valuable tool to use when shopping for new HVAC equipment. With its help, you can estimate the lifetime costs of products you're considering. The lifetime costs are the sum of purchase, installation, estimated operating costs for life and estimated maintenance and repairs. Some of these costs will come from your HVAC technician when you're comparing heat pumps, water heaters or other HVAC equipment. Keep in mind that higher efficiency systems often cost more upfront, but the money saved on lower monthly energy bills typically recoups costs in a relatively short time, depending on the system and usage.

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