How to Winterize Your Home this Season

December 8, 2015

Winter is just around the corner, but before it arrives, be sure you're ready for the worst it has to offer. Follow these tips to winterize your home. By doing so, you'll boost comfort, efficiency and safety.
  1. Install door sweeps: If your doors don't fit flush against the threshold, install a door sweep. If you already have a door sweep and there's still a draft, lower the door sweep. A draft guard, a double-sided roll that is inserted under the door, can also help diminish drafts.
  2. Install window insulation film: Window insulation film can cut energy losses by as much as 70 percent. It is easily applied to the inside of any glass surface.
  3. Air sealing: Install weatherstripping around doors and windows where there are gaps that allow drafts to infiltrate your home. If you feel air leaks around window glass, window sills or baseboards, seal them with caulk.
  4. Insulation: Inadequate exterior wall insulation can be challenging to remedy unless you're ready to tear out walls, although injectable spray foam insulation is one option. You can easily add insulation to other areas, however, such as the floor of the attic to keep heat from migrating into the attic. Also, wrapping ductwork in insulation will help reduce heating losses in unconditioned spaces. Adding insulation under the floor in the basement or crawl space can also be helpful, as can adding insulation around the perimeter of the crawl space or basement.
  5. Reverse ceiling fan blades: Reversing ceiling fan blades in the winter so that they move in a clockwise direction will push heat down from the ceiling and to floor level where the home's occupants are. Cold air will be drawn up to the ceiling.
  6. Furnace maintenance: Schedule furnace maintenance ASAP. Be sure the technician examines the heat exchanger for cracks and the burners for proper combustion. It's also important that the system controls, thermostat and sensors are in proper working order for maximum comfort and efficiency.
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