HVAC Questions You Should Ask When Buying A Home

HVAC Questions You Should Ask When Buying Your Home

May 11, 2017

Buying a house is probably the biggest financial obligation you will incur in your lifetime. That's why everything in the house you choose should be as near perfect as you want it to be. As you're walking through the home's you're considering, don't forget to make a close inspection of the HVAC system. It may not be the prettiest feature you're looking at, but it's probably the most important.

Here are some key questions we'd suggest you ask about the system before you buy:

1. How old is the HVAC system?

Experts reckon an HVAC system should last 10 to 15 years. Yours may well last longer, but you can probably count on having significant repairs performed on older models as the years go by. There's also the issue of changing technology. For instance, Freon refrigerant is being phased out; if you are buying a home with an air conditioner that uses Freon, be aware the supplies are dwindling and the cost is going up as it becomes scarcer. In a few years, the refrigerant issue may mean you have to replace not only the air conditioner, but also the furnace, since older components may not sync with newer ones.

2. Is there a transferable warranty?

Most HVAC systems come with a warranty. Ask if it's still good, and if it's transferable.

3. What type of HVAC system is installed?

You'll want to know what type of technology has been installed to cool and heat the home. Whether it's a forced air furnace and central air conditioner, a heat pump, a ductless mini split, radiant floor heating or any other type will have an impact on your utility bills, as well well as the cost of repairs and replacement. Study up on the type of system installed in the house and consider carefully if you can live with it or the cost of replacement needs to be negotiated.

Talk to the Lozier Experts When You're Buying a New Home

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