marshalltown lennox factory

Lennox Factory in Marshalltown is Up & Running After Last Year's Tornado

June 5, 2019

Last summer, during mid-July, a tornado struck Marshalltown, Iowa and caused extensive damage to a large portion of the town, including the Lennox factory. This is one of the main suppliers of Lozier Heating and Cooling as we put many efforts toward sourcing our products and parts locally. We’re happy to report the teamwork and dedication of the factory workers helped get the plant ready to continue production very quickly after the disaster. Learn more about the story of how the community came together to rebuild this essential business in Marshalltown.

Lennox Strong

When disaster struck, the team at the Lennox Heating and Cooling plant was prepared to act quickly. Since Iowa is in tornado alley, many drills are performed throughout the year to help prepare for this type of situation.

The East side of the plant experienced extensive damage - siding was demolished and the roof was completely torn off. Workers at the plant commented on the damage during the tornado and said all they could do was just wait and hope for the best. Luckily, all employees were safe and took shelter during the tornado.

Once the storm cleared up, employees ventured through the factory to assess the extensive damage. Employees immediately sprung into action - they followed emergency procedures and had all machinery turned off within an hour. Everyone chipped in and wanted to help in any way they could, in fact, some of them even stood guard overnight to make sure their assets were accounted for.

The next morning, many factory workers, corporate employees and other officials were there to assess the damage, salvage any assets and put together a strategy to start rebuilding. Each team member at the Lennox plant was dedicated to getting the factory up and running - there was never a question in their minds whether they could come back from the disaster.

The employees put in long hours and worked 49 days straight to make the rebuilding process move as quickly as possible. Because of their hard work and dedication to the Marshalltown Lennox factory, they were able to quickly restart production and reach some important milestones:

  • First critical part came off the line seven days and 30 minutes after the tornado struck
  • First air conditioner was completed three weeks, six days and 23 hours after the disaster
  • First heating unit was produced 14 weeks after the storm

Many other Lennox factories offered their help and support. With everyone coming together, they were able to reach these incredible goals and start producing products for their customers. Lennox is a part of the Marshalltown community, and they’re all happy to be back in business.

Get Quality Lennox Products From Lozier Heating and Cooling

Our team at Lozier is proud to supply local heating and cooling products from the Lennox factory in Marshalltown, Iowa. We couldn’t be more excited about all the progress that lead to a speedy and successful recovery of their factory. If you’re looking to purchase a local, quality HVAC product, contact Lozier today at 515-267-1000. Our team will assist you in finding the unit that’s the perfect fit for your home.