Benefits of Having a Maintenance Agreement

Benefits of Having a Maintenance Agreement

March 16, 2017

Having reliable HVAC equipment is essential, especially with the long, cold winters we experience here in Des Moines. Remembering to schedule semi-annual maintenance visits to have an HVAC pro inspect, clean and tune up your comfort equipment isn't always easy to accomplish though. Signing a maintenance agreement with a well-established area HVAC company can let you rest easy knowing that your equipment will get the care it needs exactly when it's needed.

Advantages of Yearly HVAC Maintenance Agreements

In addition to the convenience of getting friendly reminders about scheduling HVAC service appointments each spring and fall, having a maintenance contract can bring you some other big benefits as well:

·       Enhanced efficiency. HVAC equipment loses about five percent of its efficiency if it's not maintained, so it costs more to operate. The semi-annual care yours receives under a maintenance plan can stop that slow erosion of efficiency and help you save money on your energy bills.

·       Lower repair bills. When a certified HVAC pro inspects your system's components on a regular basis, it's possible to catch and address any new problems early on. This lets you avoid many of the bigger repair bills you'd expect to have if these issues were allowed to escalate.

·       Greater reliability. By properly maintaining your HVAC system and correcting minor issues quickly, you're less likely to experience an unexpected equipment breakdown or failure in the middle of the season, when your family's comfort and well being depends on having a system that's running reliably.

·       Prolonged lifespan. When the mechanical components that comprise your HVAC system are well cared for, they're more likely to reach or exceed their expected lifespan, which can allow you to postpone a costly equipment replacement.

·       Warranty compliance. Most all HVAC manufacturers have a clause in their warranties that stipulates the need for routine maintenance. When your system is maintained under a service plan, you'll have no worries about a rejected warranty claim if a covered HVAC component fails.

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