Mother and daughter gardening in a greenhouse.

Having Proper Greenhouse Ventilation

July 20, 2017

The Des Monies area climate means that there is only a limited season for growing plants and vegetables. However, a greenhouse can give you the chance to have flowers, fresh vegetables, and decorative plants year round. Here are some ways to ensure proper greenhouse ventilation in what can be a hot and moist space:

What Greenhouse Ventilation Does

Since greenhouses can get very hot even in the winter, ventilation is needed to help control the temperature. Greenhouse environments can also have significant amounts of moisture. Plenty of moisture helps plant growth, but too much can be damaging. Ventilation helps keep temperature and moisture at levels that support optimum plant growth.

Ventilation also produces a steady airflow that reduces pest infestations, aids in plant pollination, and provides a constant supply of carbon dioxide that the plants need for photosynthesis — the process plants use to turn sunlight and water into food.

Natural Ventilation Options

Openings in the greenhouse give you a simple way to use natural ventilation.

  • Windows and louvers: Windows and louvers in the sides of the greenhouse can ensure a good supply of fresh air coming in and hot, moist air going out. Windows are also a benefit when relying on the wind for greenhouse ventilation. Contact with wind can change the pressure inside the greenhouse, pushing stale air and pulling fresh, clean air in.
  • Roof openings: Openings along the roof ridge or elsewhere on the roof can remove warm air from the inside of the greenhouse. As warm air rises inside the building, it will escape through the openings in the roof. This natural process will remove both heat and moisture from the greenhouse environment.

Mechanical Ventilation Options

Fans are the most common form of mechanical ventilation used in greenhouses. Fans provide a consistent flow of air through the space and can be turned on or off as needed, unlike natural ventilation.

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