Remodeling Your Home? Protect Your HVAC System

June 21, 2016

As you plan your remodeling project, take time to prepare your HVAC system to reduce the odds of its being harmed by the inevitable conditions that home renovation creates. The two most common issues that precipitate problems with forced-air HVAC systems include dust and wrong-sizing. Both situations are avoidable through prevention.

Home renovations often involve adding space, whether it's a totally new addition or a retrofit of existing space. It's a good idea to involve your HVAC contractor as you plan the project to make sure your current HVAC equipment will be able to handle the increase. Assessing your HVAC system during the planning and design process will save time and money as you move forward with the remodeling project, especially if you change any walls where you have supply registers and need to divert the ductwork. Your contractor can also show you how many supply and return registers you can close without harming your system during the project. Altering the air pressure, even for a brief period, can stress your air handler and the ductwork.

Removing carpet and drywall create dust that will harm the components of your HVAC system. When possible, turn the system off during this stage. If you can't, close the supply and return registers for the area in which you will be working and cover them tightly with plastic. Use fans to exhaust the air outdoors from the area where you're working.

HVAC Maintenance
Even if you confine the dust to one area, its tiny particles will infiltrate the rest of your home. Check the air filter for the air handler daily and change it when it's coated with dust. At the end of the project, schedule a full tune-up and cleaning with your HVAC contractor to remove any residual dust from all the parts inside the air handler to prevent long-term damage to its parts. Involving your HVAC contractor in the remodeling process will help the project go smoothly and prevent damage to your equipment.

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