Save on Water Heating

Save on Water Heating With These 9 Tips

April 6, 2017

The costs of water heating in the average home can be quite expensive. You're paying for the water to heat and the energy used to heat it. But, there are many avenues available to homeowners today to lower water heating costs. So, if the water heating bill is soaking your utilities budget, try these tips to reduce costs without compromising hot water service.

Stop Runaway Water Heating Bills

  • Turn off the tap: A little mindfulness and effort can save several gallons of water a month. Turn off the faucet when water isn't immediately needed.
  • Reduce shower time: Reducing showering time and turning off the shower while soaping up may substantially reduce hot water usage.
  • Install low-flow fixtures: Low-flow faucets and shower heads can reduce water usage and still maintain water pressure. You also get a chance to liven up your kitchen and bath with new fixtures.
  • Fix leaks: Those drips of water really add up. Water leaks from fixtures and pipes cost money in wasted water, wasted energy and in possible damage to your home. Make repairs right away.
  • Energy Star: High-efficiency clothes washers and dishwashers are quieter, more energy efficient and use less water.
  • Full loads: To help your washers along, only wash full loads of clothes and dishes. Try switching to cold water for clothes washing.
  • Maintenance: Your water heater is an essential appliance that is basically on 24/7. Make sure you schedule water heater maintenance with your service professional.
  • Heat traps: Installing a heat trap can substantially reduce your water heating bill. Heat traps are pipe loops or valves that allow cool water to flow into the water heater, but block unwanted heat transfer and hot water from flowing out of the water heater.
  • Temperature: Water heaters are typically set to 140 degrees or higher. That's hot enough to cause scalding in seconds in the very young and old. Set your water heater's temperature to 120 for greater safety and energy savings.

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