Test the Water Quality in Your Home for These Contaminants

January 22, 2015

If you want to stay healthy, drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body. However, is the water quality in your home good to drink? Many homeowners don't think twice about the water coming out of their tap, which can be more dangerous than you think.

The Possibility of Contaminants 

There are a lot of great benefits that U.S. citizens get to enjoy, and having safe water to drink on a daily basis is definitely at the top of the list. Any municipal system that serves at least 25 people is regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. This typically means that the water coming out of your tap is safe to drink. Unfortunately, no plan is completely foolproof. Although contamination isn't common in most areas, it does happen from time to time. Water can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, lead, radon, sulfur and other dangerous elements. Since these contaminants can harm you and your family, testing your home's water quality should be one of your top priorities.

How to Test Your Water Quality

Sometimes, contamination is easily detected by either sight or smell. If your water smells like rotten eggs, for instance, you most likely have an accumulation of sulfur. Too much chlorine is another possibility. And, of course, taste can also be another indicator. But, be aware that many contaminates cannot be detected without proper testing. If you want to be sure, have a professional test your water for you. These technicians can offer a free test conducted at your Des Moines area home, which will ensure your water is safe to drink. They can also help fix any contamination problems that arise. For more expert advice on testing the water quality in your home, or if you have any other questions related to home comfort, please don't hesitate to contact the friendly professionals at Lozier Heating & Cooling. We've been serving the HVAC needs of Des Moines and the surrounding areas since 1906.

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