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How HVAC Indoor Air Quality Solutions Can Improve Productivity

November 9, 2023

A critical element of your commercial space that often goes overlooked is the building’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Air quality not only affects physical health but also mental well-being. Poor IAQ can lead to a range of health problems, from allergies to respiratory problems. Suboptimal IAQ can decrease productivity and increase absenteeism due to employees being unable to focus when they don’t feel their best. Indoor air pollutants can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. Explore indoor air quality solutions and how to maintain your commercial HVAC system, which can greatly improve productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

How to Improve Air Quality Indoors

On average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Indoor pollutant levels have risen in recent years, mainly due to energy-efficient designs that don’t incorporate proper ventilation for effective air exchange. Synthetic building materials, pesticides and cleaning products have also contributed to the rise of indoor pollutants, and now levels of certain indoor pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor toxins, says the National Safety Council. This statistic underscores the importance of ensuring your industrial heating and cooling system is regularly maintained to keep your indoor air healthy within a workplace environment.

With statistics like this, it’s crucial to maintain healthy air quality levels and have building managers provide indoor air quality solutions such as regular professional maintenance to clean your HVAC ducts and clear dust and debris properly. HVAC systems that are not cleaned often can become contaminated with dirt and moisture. Associates may start to notice their breathing become difficult or experience adverse health effects.

Top 5 Benefits of HVAC Indoor Air Quality at Work

In today's dynamic and evolving workplace, the importance of a healthy and conducive environment cannot be overstated. Work environments that are not ideal will negatively impact employees' health and decrease their productivity. When a person’s body is under stress, they’re prone to frequent headaches, take longer to solve problems or will be less focused on tasks. Below are the main ways that improving indoor air quality positively affects team members.

1. Employee Health and Well-Being

Exposure to poor air quality can lead to increased stress levels, decreased mood and decreased cognitive function. It can also aggravate existing mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Bad IAQ can cause sick building syndrome (SBS) symptoms at work, which leads employees to have irritated eyes, noses and throats. It also causes headaches, fatigue, cough and difficulty concentrating. Employees who don’t feel their best mentally and physically are less productive and have trouble focusing on tasks. Constantly getting sick may lead to poorer quality of work, so businesses should prioritize IAQ and their employees’ overall health to ensure that nothing negatively impacts productivity.

2. Comfort and Satisfaction

A routinely maintained commercial heating and cooling system helps it operate at peak capacity. Regular HVAC cleaning allows the system to work smoothly to keep the office temperature comfortable. A pleasant workspace climate, plus breathing in air that isn’t contaminated with allergens like dust mites and pollutants means workers are less likely to feel sick and can complete their best work.

3. Concentration and Decision-Making Skills

A recent study by Harvard, SUNY Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University found that people had better concentration and decision-making skills in well-ventilated offices with lower indoor pollutants. This study emphasizes the importance of providing good indoor air quality for individuals, benefiting not only the people but also the quality of work the business produces.

4. Ventilation and Clean Air

Businesses need to prioritize regular HVAC maintenance for their commercial HVAC systems. Having healthy and clean air means workers don’t have to inhale airborne particles and pathogens, resulting in improved respiratory health, reduced allergies and fewer sick days. Not only can consistent cleaning produce healthy air, but it helps businesses save on energy bills and keeps their equipment running efficiently.

5. Reduces Stress

Offering a healthy, comfortable and safe work environment can significantly reduce stress on the team members. By breathing healthy air, employees are less likely to develop allergies or get sick, resulting in fewer absences. The less time employees have to take off for sicknesses, the faster they are able to finish their work. The quality of the work produced also tends to be better, thus generating less stress on team members.

Understanding The Impact of Commercial HVAC Air Quality

Industrial HVACs are designed to ventilate, heat and cool the workspace by moving air around the building through the ductwork, then filter and clean the air for employees to breathe. When the AC or furnace is turned on after dust settles in the ductwork, the particles are blown into the workspace to be breathed in by employees. Stagnant water in the drip pans of a commercial HVAC system that has been ignored can become moldy and be inhaled by team members. At Lozier, we provide regular commercial HVAC maintenance, including cleaning drip pans and ductwork to ensure central Iowa businesses have high-quality IAQ. Reach out to our team to learn more about our installation, maintenance and replacement services for your commercial HVAC!

Do air conditioners filter air?

Commercial AC units help filter the air because they’re designed to capture and remove small bacteria and particles, thus improving the environment’s air quality. While air conditioners can contribute to better IAQ, they’re not the only part that should be cleaned. Professionals should clean the entire industrial HVAC unit to ensure the ductwork and ventilation parts are cleared of all debris. If you’re looking for extra protection, an air purification system could be a perfect addition. It uses a fan to pull in dirty particles from the air, purify the air and then circulate it back into the room, ensuring the atmosphere is always clean. Ask how Lozier’s licensed technicians can install your next commercial air purification system and answer your questions!

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