Troubleshooting Your A/C That Won't Turn On

Troubleshooting Your A/C That Won't Turn On

May 16, 2017

When your air conditioner won't turn on, your main concern is probably getting it working again. Some of the problems that can cause a malfunction are actually relatively minor and easy to fix. Here are ways to troubleshoot some of the more common A/C problems and what you can do to get the cool air flowing again:

Clogged air filter:

The air filters in your HVAC system help keep your indoor air clean. They also help maintain the internal airflow that your air conditioner needs to work properly. If the filters get clogged and dirty, this airflow will be impeded and the A/C may not work. Try putting in a clean filter and see if the air conditioner can be turned on.

Incorrect thermostat settings

Many programmable thermostats control both heating and cooling systems in your home. If the thermostat is set for heating when you want cooling, the air conditioner won't come on. Check the thermostat to see that it has been set to the correct operational mode. Similarly, if the temperature settings at the thermostat are set too high, the A/C won't work. Change the settings to something more appropriate for the season.

Malfunctioning thermostat

When its batteries go dead, the thermostat won't work and the air conditioner won't turn on. If the screen on the thermostat is blank, put in new batteries and see if the A/C starts up. If the screen doesn't come on after installing fresh batteries, you may need to replace the entire thermostat.

Refrigerant loss

Refrigerant is a liquid that flows through your air conditioner. It is critical to the system's cooling function. If the A/C loses refrigerant through leaks, the air conditioner won't work correctly. Have your HVAC professional check for and fix any leaks in the refrigerant lines and add more coolant to restore the A/C's operation.

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