Understanding DIY vs. Pro HVAC Maintenance

July 12, 2016

Good HVAC maintenance preserves the life of your equipment, improves comfort and lowers energy consumption, and it's a collaborative effort between you and your trusted HVAC contractor. The steps you take and the work your contractor does all contribute to better efficiency and extended durability.

What You Can Do

The air filter plays a large role in the health of your equipment and its ability to deliver optimal comfort. During high use seasons, check the air filter monthly and change it when it's covered with dust. Not only will its energy efficiency rise, the air indoors will be cleaner. When you replace the filter, use the filter that your HVAC contractor or the owner's manual recommends. During the summer, keep the outdoor condenser clean. It houses the condensing coil that performs best when it's clean. Over time, dust, grass clippings, and dirt can collect on the coil, making it harder for it to lose the heat that the refrigerant collects from your home. It's fairly easy to clean with a light stream of water from the hose. Throughout the summer, remove any vegetation that collects around the condenser, and keep objects and plants at least two feet from its edges.

What the HVAC Professional Does

The goal of professional HVAC maintenance is to bring your system back to its factory settings as closely as possible. To do so, the technician goes through the entire system, cleaning and adjusting all the parts. He or she will test the electrical connections and components and clean and lubricate if necessary. The technician uses meters to measure electrical flow and gauges to detectrefrigerant levels. Abnormal readings for either can precipitate expensive problems. They're almost always easier and less costly to fix before they result in system failure and the temporary loss of your system when you most need it. Routine HVAC maintenance is a must to keep your equipment in top working order.

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