Using Ceiling Fans for Cooling Efficiency in Your House

September 1, 2016

Many of us love the warmer seasons - the sunshine, green grass, lovely weather and outdoor fun. However, as much as we look forward to it every year, warm weather also comes with high cooling costs, as A/C systems work to keep our homes comfortable against the onslaught of hot, humid air.Keeping those costs in check means doing what you can to increase cooling efficiency in your home. Ceiling fans can help, so long as they are chosen, installed and used properly. A ceiling fan works to increase cooling efficiency by increasing airflow in a room. This ensures that cool air produced by your A/C system produces is distributed more efficiently. It also creates a wind-chill effect that helps people in the room feel cooler and more comfortable at higher temperatures, making it possible to raise the thermostat setting by as much as 4 degrees without impacting comfort. These factors cut back on the the work your A/C system has to do to keep the heat at bay, which results in energy savings for you. Using ceiling fans to increase cooling efficiency begins with choosing energy-efficient fans. Look for the Energy Star label when you buy, since fans with this label have been certified, via the federal Energy Star program, to use and average of 20 percent less energy than standard models. Sizing and placement are also important for efficiency. To cool rooms up to 225 square feet in size, you'll need a ceiling fan with a diameter of 36 to 44 inches. Larger rooms need fans that are at least 52 inches, and rooms that are over 18 feet in length will require more than one ceiling fan. Ceilings must be at least 8 feet high for safe installation, and fans do the most good when blades are placed 7 to 9 feet from floors, 10 to 12 inches from ceilings, and at least 18 inches from walls.

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