You Need to Check Your Furnace Filter Before It Gets Too Cold

December 10, 2015

A reliable heating system is essential for your home comfort during a frosty Iowa winter, so it's important to keep yours well maintained. One simple yet vital maintenance chore you need to tackle before it gets too cold is checking and replacing the furnace filter

Why Checking the Filter is Critically ImportantParticles floating in the air drawn in through your return ducts can wreak havoc on the heating system if they build up on the filter. Here are some of key reasons why it's crucial to check the filter monthly and replace it when it starts to look dirty:

  • Controls operating costs. Accumulated dirt on the filter reduces airflow through the heating system. This forces the furnace to work harder and consume more energy to maintain comfort, so your operating costs rise. You can stop airflow restrictions from eroding your heating efficiency by changing the filter regularly.
  • Ensures reliability. Airflow through a heating system has to remain within a set range for the equipment to operate properly. If the furnace is suffocated by a clogged air filter and overheats, the high limit switch can shut down the system and leave you without any source of warmth. Airflow restrictions also put more strain on components like the heat exchanger and blower motor, so they're more likely to fail prematurely.
  • Prevents costly repairs. If you keep debris out of the heating system by changing the filter routinely, you prevent extra wear on the components that leads to breakdowns so you'll avoid unnecessary repair bills.
  • Promotes healthier air quality. Running the heating system with a clogged filter allows allergens and irritants to recirculate through your home every time the blower cycles on. When you replace the filter regularly, particles like pet dander, pollen, dirt, soot, dust mites and mold spores are taken out of circulation so your air supply stays cleaner and healthier.
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