How to Remember to Change Your Air Filter

April 19, 2016

How to Remember to Change Your Air Filter The air filters in your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump may not seem very important, but they play a vital role in keeping your indoor air clean. Filters trap and hold particulates such as dust, pollen, lint, hair, and dander, keeping them out of your indoor air. Filters also help sustain the airflow that your HVAC system needs to function properly. Regular filter changes are necessary to keep your indoor air free of particulates and to ensure your HVAC equipment works like it should. Here are some ways you can remember to change your air filter regularly.
  • Set and follow a schedule - Air filters should be checked every month and changed when they get dirty. This need aligns perfectly with setting a schedule for filter checks that correspond with some of your monthly tasks. For example, you could set the first or last day of the month as filter check dates, or use the day you pay your rent or mortgage as a reminder to have a look at the filters.
  • Install a filter change indicator - Filter change indicators in some cases, a programmable thermostat may have a filter change light or other indicator on it. Check the owner's manual for information on how to use this device.
  • Set an alarm - Set a monthly alarm on your phone, tablet device, or computer that will go off when the filters need to be checked and changed.
  • Mark your filters - On each extra filter, write down the name of the month when the filter should be installed. This will help you to remember that monthly filter checks are needed.
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