Increase Comfort and Savings with a Zoning System in Your Home

January 14, 2016

It's usually difficult to keep every part of your home comfortable with a typicalHVAC system that only has one thermostat. The system is limited by the temperature conditions of the room where the thermostat is located. With a zoning system, different areas of your home have individual thermostats. Here's what you stand to gain by installing the system in your home.

Increased Comfort Control
With just one thermostat to control heating and cooling in all the rooms and floors, your home may have hot and cold spots. For instance, heat tends to rise. As a result, the temperature can vary significantly as you move from one floor of your home to another. Add-on rooms are also notorious for getting less heat and conditioned air than the other rooms. A zoning system places control of heating and cooling the different parts of your home in your hands. You divide your home into different zones, each with its individual thermostat. You can adjust the thermostat settings to suit the temperature needs of each zone.

Energy Savings
There are probably certain rooms in your home that you only use at certain times of the day. You may also have some, such as a guest room, that you only use once in a long while. A traditional system will constantly heat and cool such rooms together with the rest of the house, causing a waste of energy. A zoned system allows you to limit heating and cooling of unoccupied rooms. It saves energy and reduces your utility costs. You can get more savings by installing a programmable thermostat in each zone.

Longer HVAC System Lifespan
Zoning reduces strain on your furnace and air conditioner. They get less wear and last longer. You'll only enjoy these benefits if your home is zoned correctly. Only a licensed HVAC contractor should install a zoning system. If you'd like to know more about zoning systems, please contact us at Lozier Heating & Cooling. We proudly serve the greater Des Moines area. Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  Credit/Copyright Attribution: "susumis/Shutterstock"