Learn About the Benefits of Zoning Systems

September 6, 2016

If your home has just one thermostat, parts of the house probably are difficult to heat or cool. This is especially the case if your home has more than one level or one of several other characteristics that create different climate conditions in different parts of the house. Fortunately, you have an effective option for addressing this situation - a zoning system.

With a zoning system, a house is divided into separate areas whose rooms share similar climate characteristics. The most common zoning setup is one zone per floor, though other factors may influence how zones are devised (such as different building materials, lots of windows, orientation to the sun, etc.). Each zone has a dedicated programmable thermostat and automated duct damper(s). When the thermostat signals that heating or cooling is needed in a particular zone, the damper opens and sends conditioned air to that area. In a home with just one thermostat, the device is usually installed on a wall in the living room or a hallway on the main floor. When the temperature setting is reached on that floor, the thermostat shuts down the heating or cooling. Yet, other levels of the house may still be uncomfortably hot or cold. Typically, during warm weather, upstairs bedrooms take longer to cool off, while during the winter, finished basements are notoriously difficult to heat. A zoning system takes care of this dilemma, by keeping the warm or cool air coming until the area reaches a comfortable temperature.

Benefits of a Zoning System

  • You'll save energy and money when you're not heating or cooling an entire house, even though parts of it are unoccupied.
  • Your family will use the entire house, rather than avoiding parts of the house that are never comfortable during certain seasons.
  • Family harmony will be preserved when nobody's arguing over the temperature setting on a single thermostat. If you don't like the temperature in one area, you can move to another.
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