Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your A/C in Good Working Order

April 30, 2019

Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your A/C in Good Working Orde

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to schedule an A/C maintenance service. Annual maintenance helps ensure your cooling system remains in good working order throughout the year and extends the life of the system. Plus, when your air conditioner works well, it runs more efficiently, saving you money on energy costs. While you should always hire a professional to complete annual HVAC maintenance and tune-up tasks on your A/C, there are actions that you can take throughout the year to help ensure the optimal comfort levels in your home.

Easy A/C Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

  • Replace the air filter: This is one of the most simple HVAC tasks that homeowners can perform themselves on their furnace or A/C units to keep them running smoothly. Dirty air filters reduce an air conditioner's energy efficiency by up to 15 percent. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding replacing or cleaning the filter in your A/C unit to keep your power bills low and the air in your home clean. If you go too long without replacing your air filter, it not only can cost you more money on your electric bill because it’s inefficient, but it’s also bad for your home’s air quality. A quality filter can remove common spring and summer allergens, such as dust, pollen, dander, mold, etc., so this is something to keep in mind when thinking about your indoor air quality.
  • Clean and straighten the coil fins: These are the parts that look like small vertical vents behind the protective metal grate. Just like other parts of your A/C, the coil fins can get debris and miscellaneous items stuck within them, so make sure you’re continually cleaning these out. Bent coil fins If the coil fins are bent, they can increase an air conditioner's energy consumption. Use a fin comb to straighten out bent fins, which you can purchase at a home improvement store. If parts of the coil are damaged or missing, contact a professional HVAC contractor.
  • Keep the surrounding outdoor area clear: Performing regular yard work and maintaining the area around your air conditioner will help prevent anything clogging up your system. Regularly remove debris that is on and around the outdoor A/C unit, keep the lawn around an outside unit trim, and cut back surrounding bushes so they don't touch it.
  • Clean the evaporator coils annually: The evaporator coils are the copper tubing that twist through the inside of your A/C unit. When the evaporator coils are clogged with dust and debris, air conditioners have to work harder to maintain the comfort levels in your home. Check the evaporator coils once a year, and if it is necessary, gently vacuum the coils and use an A/C coil-cleansing product.
  • Prevent clogs: Keeping the area around the unit clear is the first step to preventing something from getting stuck inside your cooling system, but you can also check for clogs with a simple tool. Pass a stiff wire through an air conditioner's drain channels to dislodge anything that might be making the A/C run inefficiently.
  • Schedule annual professional maintenance: Before the hot weather arrives, hire a certified HVAC professional to maintain and tune the unit.When you join Lozier’s maintenance program, our service technicians will remind you when it’s time for a tuneup, so you know your heating and cooling systems will be performing at maximum efficiency year-round. Find out more perks of joining Lozier Loyalty Rewards!

What’s Included in a Professional A/C Tuneup

When you sign up for a regular maintenance visit, you can be assured that you’re getting a quality review and repair of your air conditioner. Your Lozier Heating and Cooling technician will check all the parts of your A/C to make sure everything is in working order, then report back to you to let you know what type of shape it’s in. From there we’ll move forward with any repairs or parts replacements you approve of, and your tech will be happy to answer any questions you have about your cooling system. Visit our updated blog for more details on the type of experience you can expect from a maintenance appointment with Lozier!

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