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Lennox® Whole House Humidifiers | Take Charge of Your Home’s Humidity

Our home humidifier products allow homeowners to have total rein over their home comfort. Whether you’re looking to add more moisture into the air during the dry Iowa winters or take some of the excess moisture* out of your home during our hot and humid summers, Lozier Heating and Cooling has the equipment you’re looking for!

Lozier Heating and Cooling | Lennox® Whole Home Humidifier Systems

If you’re looking for a humidifier to increase your home’s comfort during Iowa’s arid winter season, our models provide homeowners with some great options. Both of Lozier’s humidifiers consist of these features:

  • Whole-Home application for a consistent and comfortable feeling from anywhere inside your home
  • Compatibility with all HVAC system types for easy installation
  • Needs the water panel replaced annually for superior functionality
  • 5-year limited warranty on covered components

Whole House Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers for Sale


A certified humidifier that provides high-quality comfort - Healthy Climate® Bypass Humidifier

This humidifier doesn’t give off ozone emissions and includes moisture into the atmosphere for great home comfort. Below is the electrical rating that affects the amount of moisture available per day:

  • Provides up to 17 gallons of moisture per day: 24V-60hz-0.5 amps

A versatile dehumidifier that provides moisture control for max comfort - Healthy Climate® Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier has a washable filter for easy home care, and depending on which system you pair this dehumidifier with, you can control your whole home or a single area. Here’s the different electrical ratings based on the amount of filtration available per day:

  • Removes 70 pints (~33 Liters) per day: 120V-60hz-1ph-6.3 amps
  • Removes 95 pints (~45 Liters) per day: 120V-60hz-1ph-8 amps
  • Removes 135 pints (~63 Liters) per day: 120V-60hz-1ph-6.3 amps

The efficient humidifier with strong air quality performance - Healthy Climate® Power Humidifier

For enhanced air quality and comfort, the Power Humidifier works to put moisture into your home to prevent air that’s too dry that could affect your health. The electrical rating affects the amount of moisture available per day:

  • Provides up to 18 gallons of moisture per day: 120V-60hz-1ph-0.8 amps

* Combination whole-home and single zone available on 90 and 135 pint per day models.

**U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners: An Assessment of Effective and Health Consequences, August 2006.