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Lennox® Garage Heaters: The Perfect Solution for Year-Round DIY Projects

Don't let the winter weather stop you from working on your car or other projects in your garage. With a Lennox® garage heating system, you’ll gain the ability to stay busy with your hobbies and keep your car running efficiently in the cold Iowa winter. Available in a range of sizes to fit your needs, you’re sure to find reliable warmth for any type of utility space.

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Designed For Your Space

With a flexible, low-profile cabinet design, our garage heaters are adaptable for any size and type of garage configuration.

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Energy-Efficient Comfort

Lennox® garage heaters are an easy, innovative way to make your garage more usable and comfortable in cold Iowa weather.

Lennox® Garage Heating Systems

Lozier offers high-quality garage heaters through Lennox® to keep your space warm and useful throughout the winter. A heated garage allows you to use the space for many applications regardless of how cold the weather is outside. Our certified HVAC experts will assist with properly sizing your garage heater to prevent early system failure and ensure your space will be heated efficiently.

Garage Heaters for Sale

Lennox garage heater.

An efficient garage heater to heat any-sized utility area evenly - LF25

The LF25 garage heater comes with these great elements:
  • Capacity of 30,000 to 105,000 BTUH, which means our heater can warm any space, from a one-car garage to a four-car garage*
  • Tubular Aluminized Heat Exchanger uses advanced components to regulate heat distribution and keep your entire garage cozy, not just one area of it
  • 10-year limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • 5-year limited warranty on covered parts



AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and is expressed as a percentage of the heating system’s energy efficiency. A higher AFUE means higher efficiency.


BTUH stands for British Thermal Units per Hour and is used to measure the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The BTUH should be determined by an HVAC professional.

Want To Enhance Your Workspace During Cold Iowa Winters With A Lennox® Garage Heating System?

If you’re interested in installing a garage heater, contact the experts at Lozier! Give us a call at (515) 267-1000, send a text to (515) 393-4262 or use our contact form to learn more about our garage space heating options.

Don't let the winter weather stop you if you like working on the car or other projects in your garage. You deserve a heated garage that can keep your workshop warm throughout the colder months so you can stay busy with your hobbies. Lozier offers two of the best garage heaters through Lennox®: The LF25 Garage Heater or the T-Class TUA Separated Combustion Garage Heater. Both are great options to keep your space warm and useful throughout the winter. Request a quote from Lozier to get started enjoying the benefits of garage heating.

A heated garage allows you to use the space for whatever you need year-round. Regardless of the type of heating system you choose, remember that it must be sized correctly to heat efficiently and prevent early system failure. Contact us online or text us at (515) 393-4262 during regular business hours for professional assistance calculating the right garage heater size.


* Sizing application is provided as an example only. Consult your local Lennox dealer for actual requirements.

** Optional conversion kit available for propane applications.