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Dave Lennox Signature® Collection | The Most Precise & Quietest Air Conditioners

Fight the heat with our Dave Lennox Signature® Collection air conditioners. Our selection of top-notch A/C units are some of the most efficient, precise and quietest products on the market. With the Signature Series air conditioners you'll be cool and comfortable in your home, no matter how unbearable the heat may be outside!

Solar-Ready Design

When you combine our top-of-the-line Signature air conditioners with solar roof modules in a SunSource® Home Energy System, you could cut your heating and cooling bills in half and possibly be eligible for a federal tax break.***

Silent Comfort Technology.

SilentComfort™ Technology

SilentComfort™ technology combines advanced engineering with sound-absorbing materials to deliver the ultimate in quiet performance.††

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection of Cooling Systems

Lozier offers three Dave Lennox Signature® Collection options so our customers can choose which quiet and efficient cooling system is right for them. The XC25, XC21 and SL18XC1 are all iComfort®-enabled for smart comfort that's easy to control, and the iComfort function makes them compatible with other Lennox units for a whole-home cooling system that's extremely efficient. We offer a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and covered components. Here's even more features that all Signature® air conditioners come standard with:

  • SilentComfort™ technology for peace, quiet and comfort
  • Solar Ready Design for enhanced energy-efficiency and money-savings
  • PermaGuard™ cabinet specifically manufactured for long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion
  • SmartHinge™ louvers (slats) for quick and easy access to the inside of the unit for cleaning and seasonal maintenance
  • Designed to collaborate with the iHarmony® zoning system

Air Conditioners for Sale

Lennox air conditioner.

The quietest air conditioner with the most accurate cooling precision - SL28XCV

SEER Rating: 28

This is the most silent A/C. This Dave Lennox Signature® cooling system runs as low as 56 decibels - that’s 50% quieter than a standard air conditioner! With Precise Comfort® technology, the SL28XCV maintains your set temperature within a half degree by adjusting the cool airflow in increments as small as 1 percent. This air conditioner works with the iComfort® S30 Ultra-Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat and has a variable speed scroll compressor for even more accurate cooling comfort.

SEER rating.
Lennox air conditioner.

The smart, two-stage central air conditioner that eliminates humidity - XC21

SEER Rating: 21

This Signature® A/C unit operates at as low as 69 decibels (about the same as a hair dryer) and has a multi-stage scroll compressor for more accurate comfort. The XC21 is also designed to be integrated with the Humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system and the iHarmony® zoning system to adjust humidity levels in specific areas of your home.

SEER rating.


SEER Rating

SEER stands for the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, which is calculated by the cooling output during a typical cool season divided by the total electric energy input during the same period. The higher the unit’s SEER rating the more energy efficient it is.

iComfort®-Enabled Technology**

When installed with the easy-to-use programmable iComfort Wi-Fi® thermostat, your furnace can make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency. The iComfort®? compatibility also gives homeowners the opportunity to integrate with the iHarmony®? zoning system to control the temperature in different areas of your home, PureAir™ air purification unit to remove allergens and germs from your air and Humiditrol® dehumidification unit to complete your home comfort system.

iHarmony® Zoning System

Set each area in the house to exactly the temperature you like with the iHarmony® zoning system. You can adjust every zone with your main thermostat or through a web-enabled device based on heating and cooling needs throughout the house.

Secure Your Quiet Cooling System with Lozier Today

Keeping cool from Iowa’s relentless summer heat and humidity can feel like a chore, but with the right cooling system, beating the heat is a breeze. Lozier’s Dave Lennox Signature Collection® has the solutions you need for a calm, cool home when you’re ready to relax indoors. Call Lozier at (515) 267-1000, send us a text at (515) 393-4262 or submit a sales request online to learn more about A/C accommodations for your home.

* Based on Iowa. This chart compares the 5-year savings you can expect from a 26.00 and 21.20 air conditioner vs. existing equipment with a 10.00 SEER rating and industry-standard equipment with a 13.00 SEER rating. The region used to calculate household fuel and utility costs reflect a cross-section of cities in the U.S. In addition to geography, cooling costs are based on 3-ton capacity specifications, with 1,800 cooling hours per year and 11.62 cents per KWh (Source: EIA National average electric rate-Rolling 12 months ending December 2012). Your actual costs will vary depending on the weather, local fuel rates, system settings and your personal lifestyle. Savings chart shows the 5-year savings you can expect from an 18.50 SEER heat pump vs. existing equipment with a 10.00 SEER rating. The regions used to calculate household fuel and utility costs reflect a cross-section of cities in the U.S. In addition to geography, cooling costs are based on 3-ton capacity specifications, with 1,800 cooling hours per year and 12.29 cents per KWh (Source: EIA National average residential electric rate, August 2014 YTD).

**iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen thermostat must be installed with an iComfort-enabled indoor unit for maximum performance.

*** Consult your tax expert before claiming energy efficiency solar tax credits.

† Efficiency claim based on comparison of air conditioning and heat pump products' SEER as published in AHRI (January 2015). Actual system combination efficient may vary; consult a Lennox Dealer or AHRI for exact system efficiencies. Precision claim based on the cooling capacity range of the XC/XP25-036 units as compared to equivalent-sized competitive variable capacity compressor units.

† † Must be accompanied by either a variable speed air handler or furnace and the ComfortSense® 7000 Series touchscreen thermostat. Sound Rating Number according to ANSI/AHRI Standard 270-2008. "SRN" is the overall A-Weighted Sound Power Level, (LWA), dB (100Hz to 10,000Hz). Sound information based on 3 ton models. Standard system is a 13ACX with a 76 dB sound rating.