Lozier Heating and Cooling Specials for the Des Moines Community

Every day, Lozier ventures out into the Des Moines community with the goal to help homeowners and businesses alike get the best air conditioners, furnaces and whole home systems with the maximum savings. When you think about your home appliances, it’s easy to forget that the hardest working ones are your heating and cooling systems. They’re the most important to the health of your family. Heating and cooling systems have evolved over the years to include technology that purifies your air (air purification systems), zoning systems that allow you to heat and cool rooms to different temperatures and Lennox’s Precise Comfort® technology, that delivers unprecedented energy efficiency, even in extremely hot and cold weather.

When you schedule your appointment, tell us about the offer and be sure show the coupon to your SAVE-Certified HVAC tech when they arrive at your home.

New Lennox System with up to $3,400 in Rebates

We know investing in a new furnace is a big expense for families. We also know that replacing a furnace and air conditioner at the same time is what's required for the system to perform at its optimal levels. Optimal performance means more savings on your monthly energy bills. That’s why we’ve created this special winter promotion with rebates offered by MidAmerican Energy and Lennox.

Is your heating and cooling system 12 or more years old? Lozier Heating and Cooling can upgrade your home’s system to be more comfortable, reliable and energy efficient with a new Dave Lennox Signature System. 

The Lennox program starts 9/3/18 and runs till 11/23/18 with up to $3,400.00 in combined rebates with Lozier, Lennox and MidAmerican Energy.

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Additional Lozier Heating and Cooling Savings

 $20 off Seasonal A/C or Furnace Maintenance

To keep your air conditioner or furnace working at peak performance, you’ll need to have your system maintained at the turn of each season. We encourage all our customers to regularly maintain their units to avoid costly repairs in the future. To help, we’re offering $20 off our $113.95 maintenance package. Right now, we’ll come out and check your system for just $93.95.

$25 Off Your Next Repair

Repairing your air conditioner, furnace, water heater or air purification system can be costly, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Call us today and mention this special when you schedule your repair for $25 off the total cost.


Buy one Air Filter and Receive 30% off the Second

During our seasonal maintenance, we’ll often replace your air filter. Air filters should be replaced frequently and if you’d like to have a second one on-hand, we’ll give you 30% off. Be sure to mention the offer when you call to schedule your service.

$50 off Water Heater Replacement

With Winter right around the corner, you want to make sure your water heater will keep your shower and bath water warm during cold months. If your home's water heater is older, less energy efficient or doesn't hold enough hot water for your family, schedule an appointment with us today. We service water heaters and have a wide variety of heat pumps for tankless water heaters installation. For members of our maintenance plan, we're offering $50 off water heater replacement.