Buying a new HVAC system.

Enjoy The Benefits Of A New HVAC System By Replacing Your A/C & Furnace

May 17, 2024

When a central HVAC system fails, the cause is typically because either the indoor or outdoor unit fails—but not both. If your indoor evaporator or outdoor compressor is still functional, it may seem logical to simply replace the failed unit rather than buying a complete new HVAC system. Although a single unit is less costly up front, it's more beneficial to replace both halves of the system to reduce the amount of repairs you’ll need in the future.

When Should You Replace Your Furnace And Air Conditioner?

While air conditioners typically last 10-15 years, furnaces can last 15-20 years with proper care. However, you may start noticing signs from both of your units that it may be time for a replacement once they hit the 10 year mark. Even though furnaces generally last longer than A/C units, replacing your air conditioner and furnace at the same time can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs on your older unit and lowering your monthly energy bills. If your furnace isn’t working properly or you’re wondering if your A/C is on its last leg, Lozier’s experts can help you decide if an HVAC system replacement is right for you.

How To Offset The Cost Of A Furnace And A/C Replacement

At Lozier, we understand that replacing both your furnace and A/C units may put a financial strain on your family. That’s why we offer several programs to help with the eventual cost of a total HVAC system replacement. You can prepare for new units by joining our Lozier Loyalty Rewards maintenance plan to prolong the life of your current systems while earning points toward the purchase of a new system. If your units are on their last legs and it’s time for a replacement, we offer rebates on popular furnace and AC units to help ease the cost of your furnace and A/C installation.

What Are The Benefits Of A New HVAC System Replacement?

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: The energy efficiency rating of a new split system is dependent upon having matching components running in tandem. If you add a new, higher-rated unit to an older system, any gain in efficiency is lost because it's running with a less efficient unit.
  • Greater Reliability and Longer Lifespan: Adding a new component to your older system puts extra strain and wear on the existing components. Since the equipment is forced to work harder, it's more likely to break down or fail at the height of the season when you need reliable heating or cooling. If you opt for a complete new system, you'll gain the benefit of years of worry-free, reliable service.
  • Potential Long-Term Savings: Investing in a new, more efficient HVAC system can lower your future energy bills, and it can also save you the cost of repairing your older equipment. If you just add a new unit to your aging system, you'll still have those repair bills to deal with as well as another costly component replacement in the near future.
  • Beneficial Technology and Features: When you upgrade the entire HVAC system, you can take advantage of the latest technological advancements that provide better temperature, humidity control and greater comfort, such as a thermal expansion valve, variable-speed motor, more efficient coil design or scroll compressor.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Coverage: Split system components have to be installed together according to the manufacturer's specifications to qualify for warranty coverage. If you have a single unit added to your existing system, you'll lose that protection against manufacturer defects.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An HVAC System?

The price of an HVAC system replacement varies depending on factors such as house size and layout, additional ductwork needed, the chosen brand of your HVAC units and the SEER value or energy efficiency of your new units. If you’re interested in replacing your air conditioner and furnace, contact us to get a free quote based on your home’s specifications. Along with your new HVAC system, there are a variety of add-ons you could opt for to enhance your home’s comfort, including:

  • Air purifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Smart thermostats

Looking For A Whole Furnace And A/C Installation? The Experts At Lozier Can Help!

If your furnace or air conditioning unit is on its last leg, it may be time for a total HVAC system replacement. Our highly trained HVAC technicians are available to help determine which system is right for your home comfort needs while staying in your budget. To schedule an appointment for a free quote, call (515) 267-1000, text us at (515) 393-4262 or schedule an appointment online.