Here's What to Look for in HVAC Customer Service

February 23, 2016

Here's What to Look for in HVAC Customer Service When it comes to HVAC, the quality of the equipment and components is just one part of the equation. The quality of customer service you receive will also have a major impact on how well your HVAC system works, how comfortable your home is, and how satisfied you are with the company you use. Here are some factors to look for that indicate excellent HVAC customer service.
  • Has a good reputation - A company with a good reputation has worked hard to build it and will do everything possible to maintain that reputation. If a company is well regarded in your community, you can expect excellent customer service.
  • Holds proper licensing and certifications - HVAC companies typically have to be licensed by state or local authorities, but if a contractor goes to the extra effort of obtaining other relevant certifications, they will be able to provide excellent service in those areas. Membership in trade associations shows that the company is dedicated to staying informed about the industry.
  • Provides on-site evaluations - A company that provides outstanding customer service will give your project careful consideration through an on-site evaluation. This ensures first-hand knowledge of what you need and eliminates guesswork. Tasks such as load calculations and equipment sizing should be based on these on-site evaluations.
  • Offers written estimates - Once the on-site evaluation is done, the company should provide you with a detailed written estimate of the work needed, the equipment required, and the amount of time the project will take.
  • Takes pride in appearance and on-time service - Good customer service includes the expectation that the technicians who will work on your project will arrive on time and will be ready to proceed with the task. Many companies require uniforms, but even if not, their employees should be neat and presentable.
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