Des Moines Mini-Split Services: Installation, Repairs & Replacements

Ductless mini-splits are optimized for single space heating and cooling needs in areas where traditional ductwork simply doesn’t work. Sunrooms, garages, bedrooms and even entire mobile homes benefit from consistent, cost-effective energy efficiency from a mini-split system. Mini-splits can also solve family feuds over the thermostat—because they are independent of the home’s central HVAC system, you have total control over the temperature in the designated space. Lozier is happily available to help you decide if a mini-split is right for your home or to conduct a mini-split service appointment to restore or replace your existing system.

des moines mini-split installationDuctless Mini-Split Installation 

With Lozier Heating and Cooling, you’re guaranteed to work with an experienced technician trained to work with certified energy efficient units for ductless mini-split installation. Our Mitsubishi mini-split systems are accredited with ENERGY STAR® certification status. Purchasing a new heating and cooling system for your home can be daunting, but ENERGY STAR® rated mini-splits reduce energy usage by 20 to 40%.

That means you can expect long-term savings with your new mini-split system from Lozier. Mini-splits take up little space and are a quiet, affordable heating and cooling solution to cut back on energy costs. Like all mini-split models, our systems may require maintenance from time to time to ensure it operates at its full capacity and lives up to its full lifespan. We are always on hand for fast repairs when you need us!

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des moines mini-split repairMini-Split Repair 

Because mini-splits pull double duty with heating and cooling capabilities year-round, they endure a lot of wear and tear. While they are resilient and reliable, they can still malfunction occasionally, leaving your home with no airflow amidst unpredictable Iowa weather. Thankfully, Lozier offers 24/7 emergency repair assistance to respond to your immediate mini-split repair needs. The most common issues we see include failing to heat or cool properly, electrical glitches, refrigerant leaks, strange smells or sounds, clogged filters or lines, broken motors and more. Whatever the problem, we are ready with a mini-split repair solution at your convenience. If worst comes to worst and your mini-split is beyond repair, Lozier is ready with a new-and-improved model to enhance airflow in the space.

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des moines mini-split replacementMini-Split System Replacement 

If maintained properly, many mini-split systems operate effectively for 10-20 years before needing a replacement. If it’s one repair after another and your trusty mini-split can’t keep up, it’s time to upgrade to a more modern solution. You can rest assured that a mini-split system replacement from Lozier includes all the latest features and functionalities for ultimate comfort and convenience within your home. We carry Mitsubishi mini-split models complete with wireless remote control for easy adjustments at a moment’s notice and variable-capacity operation for increased efficiency through the changing seasons. Plus, we offer a five-year limited warranty on covered components.

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With harsh winter chills and soaring summer humidity, it’s not uncommon for Iowans to opt for a mini-split system over a traditional HVAC unit to have more control over temperatures in their home. When the weather outside is frightful, there’s a lot to be said about keeping it just right in your cozy sun nook or garage workspace. If you need mini-split repairs, a mini-split system replacement or a new ductless mini-split installation in your home, Lozier is ready to assist you. Contact us online, call (515) 267-1000, or text (515) 393-4262 to get started today.


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