Des Moines Hot Water Boiler System Services: Install, Repair & Replace

Home heating is an important investment that needs to stand the test of time—and frigid Iowa temperatures—to protect your family from the frosty outside air. Unlike furnaces, which blow air through ducts, hot water boiler heating systems rely on near-boiling water to circulate through the home and provide heat through radiators. Boilers are often a better solution for families susceptible to allergies because no dust or dander is blown around, and the air quality is higher.

Today’s hot water boiler systems are compact enough to fit in your home, quiet enough to operate behind the scenes and steady enough to last 15-30 years if well-maintained. Some models serve as a combination home heater and water heater and can also supply hot water for your home. Lozier’s long-standing heating and cooling expertise in the Des Moines Metro allows us to best serve you when you need us for safe hot water boiler installations, emergency hot water boiler repairs and timely hot water boiler replacements.

des moines hot water boiler installationHot Water Boiler Installation 

Lozier’s dedicated technicians are committed to providing the highest quality heating through efficient hot water boiler installation to maximize safety and savings at home. Our skilled experts can work with your needs and the space available in your home to recommend the appropriate hot water boiler for home heating. We offer modern, high-performing Weil-McLain models to satisfy most needs but can work with you if another solution is better for your home.

From lengthy warranties and unmatched longevity to certified energy efficiency, our various models have a host of features ensuring you’re able to enjoy the highest quality home heating for many years to come. Pick from a variety of sizes and customization capabilities to find a hot water boiler heating system that works for you. Contact Lozier to learn more about which model could be right for you. If your existing boiler isn’t working correctly, we are readily equipped to perform repairs when you need us.

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des moines hot water boiler repairHot Water Boiler Repair 

Boilers boast impressive resiliency and are relatively low maintenance compared to furnaces, but heating your home in sub-zero temperatures is a big job, and repairs may be needed from time to time to restore full functionality. A lot of times, you’ll be able to hear when your boiler isn’t functioning properly because strange noises like banging, bubbling or whistling often indicate a larger issue. The most common problems we see are limescale buildup, unsustainably high water temperatures, air leaks or trapped air and not enough water to supply the boiler.

We understand the critical role your hot water boiler for home heating plays in the unpredictable winter, so we recommend yearly tune-ups with our certified technicians to keep your boiler in tip-top shape. If your boiler becomes a bother in the meantime, we offer emergency 24/7 hot water boiler repair services at a moment’s notice. When you need a fast fix, call our 24/7 service line at (515) 267-1000. Our Lozier Loyalty Rewards members are treated to discounted repair parts and waived diagnostic fees as upgrades are needed and earn points toward a hot water boiler replacement when it’s time to make a switch.

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des moines hot water boiler replacementHot Water Boiler Replacement 

If you’re spending more and more money on repairs and energy bills, a hot water boiler replacement is worth the investment to prevent costly expenses and heating emergencies down the line. We’ve seen it all, so we know how to take a personal approach and ensure you receive the best hot water boiler heating system for your home. We’ll work within your budget and space constraints to identify the perfect fit. Our certified technicians will install your new system and set you up for decades of continued comfort. Ask Lozier about warranties available to protect your purchase long-term. Members of our Lozier Loyalty Rewards program receive up to $1,000 off a hot water boiler replacement.

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Lozier’s local heating services allow Iowans across the Metro to stay snug at home all winter long. Let our technicians lead you to toasty warmth this winter with a new hot water boiler installation, hot water boiler repairs or a hot water boiler replacement. Contact our team online, give us a call at (515) 267-1000 or text (515) 393-4262 to get in touch.


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