Local A/C Maintenance, Repair, Replacement & Installation Services in Des Moines

Iowa summers have rightfully earned their reputation as hot, humid and unpredictable, so it’s critical to have a cooling system you can count on when temperatures soar. Lozier’s lineup of air conditioning services for controlled comfort at home satisfies all of your cooling needs. Our air conditioner maintenance experts perform proactive air conditioner tune-ups to prolong your system’s lifespan. If your A/C is on its last leg, our trained technicians are ready to assist with more advanced air conditioning repair services or an air conditioner replacement. When it’s time to start fresh, Lozier is on call for fast, affordable air conditioner installation.

des moines air conditioner installationA/C Installation Service

Lozier’s ENERGY STAR® rated Lennox® and YORK® systems maximize comfort, energy efficiency and savings for homeowners across Iowa. All of our air conditioners are manufactured in the United States and many of them are made right here in Marshalltown, Iowa. We have earned the trust of Iowans time and time again through our exemplary air conditioning services. Our technicians have years of experience with the installation of certified energy-efficient air conditioner units. That means you can always count on us for reliable service. A new air conditioner installation is a large investment, but opting for a more effective system can save you 20 percent in cooling costs in the long run. Plus, you can further optimize the efficiency of your new A/C unit through timely A/C tune-ups.

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des moines air conditioner maintenanceA/C Tune-Up Service

A typical A/C system runs for 10-15 years, but regular air conditioner tune-ups from Lozier can add up to an additional decade of quality cooling before you need a replacement. Our routine A/C maintenance services include inspecting controls and wires, replacing the filter if needed, testing refrigerant levels, washing out the outdoor coil and more, after which we will alert you to your A/C’s condition. Lozier Loyalty Rewards members can schedule discounted A/C tune-ups months ahead of time and earn reward points toward purchasing a new system when the time comes. In the meantime, Lozier technicians can also tackle your trickiest A/C issues if a more advanced repair is needed.

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des moines air conditioner repairA/C Repair Service

For more than a century, Lozier Heating & Cooling has specialized in solving Iowans’ heating and cooling needs. While a lot has changed over the years, our team has seen it all and today specializes in air conditioning repair services to find and fix even the most complex issues on systems, old and new. From dirty condenser coils and weak capacitors to clogged filters and leaking refrigerant, our technicians are fully trained for comprehensive A/C repairs. When a cooling emergency strikes, our team is on call 24/7 for emergency local A/C repair services. If your A/C is on its last leg, Lozier has a replacement ready to keep your home cool for years to come.

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des moines air conditioner replacementA/C Replacement Service

Deciding when it’s time for an air conditioner replacement can be daunting, but Lozier reduces the burden by lending assistance and expertise if your current system is past the point of repair. We consider your system’s age, whether A/C maintenance has been performed regularly and its efficiency before we recommend replacement. If A/C repairs or energy expenses are adding up, our selection of Lennox® and YORK® systems are available for A/C replacement to save you money in the long run. Set up a service appointment to get started—we are ready to help you find the right fit for your home. Lozier Loyalty Rewards members can save up to $1,000 on a new system if enrolled in our routine A/C maintenance program.

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Your home comfort is our top priority, so we perform our air conditioning services focusing on what is most convenient for you. From A/C repairs and maintenance to A/C replacement or installation, our top-notch customer service ensures we are readily available to assist you when you need it most. It’s easy to reach us however works best for you: call us at (515) 267-1000, text our team at (515) 393-4262 or contact us online today.


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